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GDPR flows in Carerix
GDPR flows in Carerix

GDPR | Practice examples

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Did you set your GDPR strategies?
Set up your data register?
Do you know which automatic action you would like to build in your GDPR processes? 

Than it is about time to start arranging your processes in Carerix. 

Carerix prefers working with standard flows and 'best practices'.
Setting up standard GDPR process proofs to be a hard practice because of differences in interpertation and work processes.

The following functionalities in your Carerix Application; tables, triggers, search functionalities, and e-mail templates will enable your organization to setup monitoring and registration- and activityprocesses.

Registration Legal grounds and terms

Do you know on what legal ground you are going to proces privacydata?

  1. Legal obligations

  2. Contractual necessity

  3. Legitimate interests

  4. Consent

  5. No consent


Within the context of GDPR various legal grounds and terms can be applied.
By the law it also could be that privacydata must be saved for a longer period, then the agreed constent period saved in the database. (for example ; when your organization has got a contract with a candidate, then you are legally obliged to save the data for 7 years)

The term is used to calculate the expiration date of the data ground and is shown in the 'Candidate' -and 'Match" file.

GDPR proces automate by trigger

It is possible to automate reminder e-mails to your collegue(s) or to a candidate directly by making use of Triggers

Ask a candidate direct or in-direct for their constent

  • Do you have a Privacy Statement on your website?
    Refer to the Privacy statement on your applicationform
    A candidate can directly give their consent to your set terms ( what data do you save, for what purpose, lenght of time saving data etc.)
    Your webbuilder is alble to buildin an extra field (checkbox) : GDPR Information for webbuilders

  • You have found a candidate and you would like to send a consent e-mail : E-mail templates Yes / No consent links 

  • You would like to see when a candidate gave their consent?
    You can make use of :  Report Candidate consent history

Pesonaldata without legal grounds, what now?

You don't have legal grounds (anymore) that justifies you to save personaledata?
Or a candidate apeals you to delete their privatedata from your database?

Then you are obligatory to take action to delete the privatedata.
In Carerix we use the word 'Anonymization'.
By using the Anonymizationtool you don't actually delete the record, but it adjusts the personaldata in such way that you can't retrace the actual person.
By this Anonymization the historical data will be preserved for reports use, but you will work confirm the new GDPR law.

The Anonymization options will be available in Carerix after Anonymizationtool activation done by an Administrator.


In the Candidate overview two columns are added "Legal ground set on" and "Expiration date of legal ground" (Release 5.0.197 names columns changes)

Also three new Search lines are added : 

  • to search for the date the legal ground was registered, look for 'Legal ground set on' 

  • to search for the legal ground, look for 'legal ground'

  • to search for the date the set term for the legal ground is going to expire, look for 'Expiration date of legal ground'

These filters enable you to quickly/easly create an overview of candidates that did not yet give there consent or the a list of candidates whose consent will soon expire or whose consent is already expired.
Then you can take the necessary actions by the results of this filter.

On the on the right-side of the screen in a Candidate file and Match file you will find the new Legal ground indicator.
This will show the Legal ground status without having to click or scroll through the file.

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