At specific stages, you want to send a mail to the Candidate, with the subcontractor in the cc (for example when the candidate is invited for its first interview). 



  1. Make sure that every subcontractor is actually registered as subcontractor in Carerix.
  2. Make sure that with every hiring of a candidate, the contact and the subcontractor is noted. You can do this at the General tab of the candidate, at the field subcontractor. Select the subcontractor, and the contact.

Modifying e-mail

  1. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'
  2. Search for the desired stage e-mail
  3. Open this e-mail template
  4. Click on [Copy] to make a copy of this e-mail template
  5. Give the template a proper name: (for example: 2.5 candidate invited at the office + cc) (2.5 is the stage number)
  6. Define: Visible at: Stage 
  7. Paste one of the following codes in the content of the template
  8. Click [Save]
  9. Log out, and log in
The cc code is: <cx:header name='cc' value='$activity.toEmployee.toUser.toUser.privateOrBusinessEmailAddress'/>
The bcc code is: <cx:header name='cc' value='$activity.toEmployee.toUser.toUser.privateOrBusinessEmailAddress'/>
  • The cc or bcc goes to the e-mail address of the responsible user (from the subcontractor) of the candidate.

Activate e-mail at stages

Now you have to activate the e-mail at the specific stage: 

  1. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Stages'
  2. Open the stage that you want to link the e-mail to
  3. Select, in the screen where you select the e-mails, the just created e-mail
  4. Click [Save]

Note: a Stage can have multiple e-mails.

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