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This template is used when you press the [Reply] button to reply to an e-mail. 

You will find the e-mail reply template in : 

  • Maintenance | E-mail Templates

To find this template: 

  • Search for the code REPLY.
    Make sure that you only have one template with the code REPLY!
    If you do have multiple templates with this code, the system does not know which one is the correct one and your e-mail may not look like what you want.

The standard e-mail reply template is called 'SYS: Reply' and uses the default footer with the cx-code:

<cx:include template="$settings.template.emailFooter"/>

When you want to change the footer, you remove this line and replace it with the correct cx-code for your desired footer.


<p class="cx">
<cx:Write value="$activity.owner.lessFormalName"/>
<cx:if condition="activity.owner.phoneNumberBusiness<>nil">,
<cx:Write value="$activity.owner.phoneNumberBusiness"/>
<cx:if condition="activity.owner.mobileNumberBusiness<>nil">,
<cx:Write value="$activity.owner.mobileNumberBusiness"/>

This example adds the following elements to the footer:

  1. Informal name

  2. Business phone number (if avaliable)

  3. Mobile business phone number (if avaliable)

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