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Create e-mail template: Tips
Create e-mail template: Tips

Tips for creating an e-mail template

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E-mail template settings

Send list template

Check this checkbox if the content of the e-mail selection must contain an overview. Par example when you want to send a few matched candidates to the contact. In that case the template is available in the overview Choose action and Send list. Remark:

  • Standard this checkbox is unchecked

  • Send list templates must be headed to the contact or candidate. To: "different" etc. is not allowed

N.B.: In most cases this checkbox must be unchecked.

Visible at

Here you can determine where the e-mailtemplate must be available. The most entities (Contact/Candidate/Principal/...) are obvious. Though a few remarks:

  • Activities: The template is available at E-mail, Tasks, Meeting and Notes

  • Contact (Campaign)/ Candidate (Campaign): The template is available for sending the e-mail of campaigns, see Mailing with Campaigns

  • Phase: the template is available with matches of certain phases. In this case you have to perform an extra step with every phase where the template must be visible.

  • Match: the template is visible with every match, unregarded the phase. This option is only available for a multi-record file template: Within a list of matches the phase can change.

Using HTML

If the checkbox HTML in the e-mail template is checked, then the content must be a HTML code. You (or your web developer) should take care of the HTML lay-out code.

Examples of HTML layout code:

  • <p>...</p> Paragraph: Part between the code is a different paragraph: At the end of the line the rule stops and is often followed by an emply line

  • <br/> Break: Stops the line, but no white line. 

  • <b>...</b> Bold: The text between the code will be bold

  • <i>...</i> Italic: The text between the code will be italic

  • <a href="">website</a> hyperlink: the word website will be a link to the corresponding address

  • <img src=""> image: The image that is located on the corresponding location will be shown

For more HTML codes and explanation there are many websites, like:

Fill in mandatory: Braces

In order to avoid that the sender forget to fill in information:

  • Place the text between braces {{the text}}. An e-mail with text between the braces cannot be send. After clicking on Send, the system shows the text between the braces and report that this text need to be replaced.

  • If par example the date is not jet known when making the template, you insert this: {{datum}}. When the message is send to more than one receiver things change a little. In the e-mail screen an extra button appears:[Edit}. Click this button to edit the text between braces.

Fixed e-mail address


Normally the e-mail address of the user is the e-mailaddress of the sender. But sometimes it is desirable to use another fixed e-mail address as sender. Insert the next line into the e-mailtemplate:

<cx:header name="from" value=""/>


  • In the e-mail template the field To set to; Different'.


You can set an alias as follow (the alias itself needs to be set in quotation marks aswel):

<cx:header name="from" value=""Naam Persoon" <adres@domein.tld>"/>


To configure a fixed receiver of an e-mail works as follows:

<cx:header name="to" value=""/>

Reply to:

To reply an e-mail can be figured as follows:

<cx:header name="reply-to" value=""/>


A fixed CC:

A CC of every e-mail to a standard address? Insert the following line in the e-mail template:

<cx:header name="cc" value=""/>


  • A cc of every e-mail based on this template will be send to

  • This line can be inserted everywhere in the content of the e-mail template.

A variable CC:

Send a CC of every e-mail to the responsible of the job order? Insert the next line in the e-mail template:

<cx:header name="cc" value="$activity.toVacancy.owner.emailAddress"/>


  • A CC will be send to the person who is responsible for the job order, for every e-mail that will be send with this e-mail template.

  • This line can be inserted everywhere in the content of the e-mail template.

Multiple CC: e-mail aderesses

Configuring multiple e-mail addresses:

<cx:header name="cc" value=",,"/>


Remark: this option is not yet in the current version.

Give the BCC of every e-mail a fixed value by inserting the next line to the content of the e-mail template:

<cx:header name="bcc" value=""/>


  • A bcc goes to the e-mailaddress of the person whom is responsible for the job order, and for every message that will be created and send on basis of that template.

  • This line can be inserted everywhere in the content of the e-mail template.


The answer to you receive could contain a large letter. This is because Outlook takes the by you configured letter size. After occasion of what Outlook can find, Outlook shows the text in the anser according to self chosen letter size:

<FONT face=arial size=3>Een antwoord tekst.</FONT>

You can solve this problem by using the e-mail template in the next font style;

font-size: 10pt;

Outlook will skip the configuration of the style (by choosing the previous style), like this:

<FONT face=arial>An answer text.</FONT>

Every text will still be provided with an FONT element but the attribuut size is not shown.

Keywords : UD-1183

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