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"Recommended Action" column in My Assistant, Matches
"Recommended Action" column in My Assistant, Matches

Documentation for new "My Assistant" dashboard | My Assistant | Recommended Action

Updated over a week ago

In the Match tab in My Assistant, there is a recommended action column. It can have actions like sending emails from the template list and additionally, it can include the option to create a meeting along with its details

The meeting information and the "create new meeting" action will be shown if these conditions are met

  • The new calendar feature should be activated (check there)

  • The match stage should be checked as Screening or Interview with client (In Maintenance Match stages open needed Match stage checkbox “Screening” or “Interview with client”) (ask your Administrator)

After completing those steps good to know some details

  • To be displayed, a meeting should have a match as a related record

  • If the match doesn't have a related meeting, there will be a button to create a new one

  • If a match has multiple related meetings, the last created meeting will be shown

  • If the meeting is in the past, it will be displayed in red, along with a button to create a new one

  • Send email template will be visible if there are available templates that relate current match stage

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