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Install & activation | the new Calendar
Install & activation | the new Calendar
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Upgrade the Calendar for improved synchronization between Carerix and your Google/Microsoft Calendar (CalendarSync).

With a few simple steps you set up the synchronization and can use your favorite calendar in Carerix.


The new Calendar works based on a link with Microsoft (Outlook) or Google Calendar. The new Calendar only shows meetings that are also shown in your Microsoft or Google Calendar.

Do you currently have Outlook/Google Calendar and Carerix not linked?

And is your Outlook/Google Calendar empty? Then - after the upgrade - you will not see the meetings in your new Calendar.

The appointments that are not synchronized do remain visible in Carerix under the Activities tab (type 'Appointment')

STEP 1 : Activate Calendar 2.0 by administrator

  1. In your Carerix application under Maintenance go to Marketplace

  2. Under Calendar, click on Install and then on Activate

  3. Optional: "Show both old and new version of the Calendar" (this is only relevant for customers who have actively used the Calendar 1.0 without a sync with Google/Microsoft.

  4. Optional: "Scheduler is active " (Additional monthly fees may apply when activating the Scheduler).

  5. Refresh the page to log in again

  6. Under My Account, check to see the Calendar sync settings tab

  7. The Calendar 1.0 has now been replaced by the new Carerix Calendar 2.0.

  8. Inform your colleagues about STEP 2

STEP 2: Start the synchronization of Google/Microsoft

Each user can start the synchronization of his/her personal calendar himself/herself. This is very simple..

  1. In your Carerix application, go to Calendar

  2. Click on Start synchronization

  3. Authenticate your Google or Microsoft account with your Username and Password

    (so not your Carerix username and password)

  4. Return to Calendar

  5. The synchronization has started, it can take up to 30 minutes this first time before your appointments are synchronized.

  6. The synchronization between your Google/Microsoft Calendar and Carerix Calendar is now active.

    The calendar refreshes automatically, so you don't need to refresh your tab.

Not sure if the synchronization of your calendar is active? You can check that as follows:
In Carerix, go to: My profile , Calendar Sync Setting tab, als check the status:

More info on Microsoft

Please note there's are difference support on features for Microsoft EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) and Microsoft EWS (Exchange Web Services). EAS and EWS are two communication protocols used by Microsoft Exchange Server for different purposes.

Carerix Calendar will support all features for EWS accounts (which is the most commonly used of the two protocols). Carerix Calendar will not support MS Teams, Visbility and some for EAS accounts.
Read more about changing EAS to EWS in this Help article , written by our tech partner/supplier Nylas.

Using Microsoft Teams may require one-time authentication by the administrator of your Microsoft environment.

For some types of Microsoft accounts, in combination with using MFA, the Advanced Settings section of the Sync setup must be used.

An app password is required if 2FA is enabled and authentication is done without a security code.

Information on creating an App password is on the Microsoft help pages.

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