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The apply URL in the publication file

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The Apply URL is passed on to your different job sites. It is crucial to have a functional Apply URL in your publication file otherwise the interested Candidates can't apply.

Where do you find the Apply URL? 

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Publications' 

  • Open a Publication

  • Go to the 'Admin-tab' and look for the field 'Apply URL'

Where will the Apply URL be publicized?
The Apply URL will be passed on together with the specific publication details to a job board or other medium on which your publication will be posted.

Be aware:
It is important to make sure you configure the Apply URL according the right rules otherwise the interested Candidate will not be apply to apply. 

How to configure the Apply URL
The applyURL setting makes it possible to specify a default value in a new Publication.
As a result of this adjustment it is no longer needed to manually add a Apply URL to every new publication.

Read the article: Attributes and Fields, about how to configure the ApplyURL
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