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Release 5.335 // 07 October 2023
Release 5.335 // 07 October 2023

Share Talentpools | Enhanced UI placement preview candidates & matches | end time stamp datasource

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👨🏽‍👨🏽‍👦🏽‍👦🏽 Share Talentpools with multiple Offices

In case you have a complex tree of offices in Carerix to fit your user role permission needs or simply because you have a lot of different (physical) offices configured in your system, it can be possible you are having difficulties sharing your Talentpools with offices that are not in the same column of the organisational tree. With the 'share with multiple offices' option it is possible to grant access to those talentpools that originally do not fall into the scope of a user role permission. To enable this a (free of charge) activation is necessary. Contact our customer support team if needed.

🎨Enhanced Placement tab on candidate & match preview

To better support the user with suitable information the previews for candidates and matches, more specifically the placements tab on the previews, is enhanced. There is more information visible: next to the status and job/placement title, the start and end dates are added as well as the company name and owner/responsible for the job order.

🗃️Datasource: end time stamp added

For customers who download the datasource via FTP and AWS S3 a done.txt file is added. This file includes a time stamp which indicates when the daily datasource file is delivered and ready.

🤖 Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. If the release contains changes that directly affect software behavior and user experience they will be briefly noted below.

  • Fixed an issue with date/time triggers using the 'year' operator. This year operator always took 365 days. This is changed to the exact date so also in leap years the trigger is on time (and not a day to early).

  • A weekNumber attribute was added to CRWeekHour entity (timesheets)

  • An issue was resolved making it impossible to store dates in additional attribute fields of type date

  • An issue was resolved that throwed an exception when using the anonymization of records occasionally.

  • An issue was resolved causing an exception when copying invoice lines.

  • The intradata integration was updated with renewed intradat urls making the intradat cockpit work again.

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