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Release 5.333 // 09 September 2023
Release 5.333 // 09 September 2023

Number of matches in talentpools | Modification date updates for set of fields | Changes to data model reflected in cxDatasource

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👨🏻‍👨🏻‍👧🏻‍👧🏻 Talentpools: show number of candidates in the grid

We have added a column to the Talentpool overview which shows the number of candidates that populate the talentpool. The number is clickable and clicking on it will immediately take you to the Candidates tab of the talentpool.

✏️ Additional fields to trigger record modification dates

The following list of fields are added or fixed to trigger the modification date field to be updated when changes are made

  • Changes to email address(es) of a contact

  • Changes to email address(es) of a candidate

  • Changes to Table's parent/childNodes (e.g. declaration type, check-uncheck checkbox for “Internal hours”)

  • Changes to Job Order Language Skills

  • Changes to Candidate Language Skills

  • Changes to other Job Order Skills

  • Changes to other Candidate Skills

📊 Changes to data model reflected in Carerix Datasource

Important notice to Carerix Datasource users. Due to a set of changes - both technically and functionally - in this release there are a couple of changes included that might affect your processing of the daily datasource. Please take those changes into account.

  • CREmployee gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CREmployee gets new column MATCH_CRITERIA_ID

  • CRJob gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRLead gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRMatch gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CROpportunity gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRTalentPoolMatch gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRToDo gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRVacancy gets new column CONFIDENTIAL_IAM_ROLE

  • CRVacancy gets new column MATCH_CRITERIA_ID

  • CRUserRole gets new column IAM_ROLE

  • CRTalentPool gets new column MATCH_COUNT_MO

🤖 Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. If the release contains changes that directly affect software behavior and user experience they will be briefly noted below.

  • SocialBrowser update fixes the proper parsing of the job title, city/region and profile picture for LinkedIn profiles.

  • To prevent accidentally breaking all API integrated traffic with your Carerix instance(s), making changes to the XML password field now is restricted to Carerix employees only. If - for any reason - you want to change the value in the future: please contact our support team.

  • The newly introduced Workplace type field now is available for editing to system administrators. One can find it in the tables menu.

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