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Release 5.0.234 // 28 September 2019
Release 5.0.234 // 28 September 2019

Change statuses and match stages in Careris Seamless for Mobile!

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 28-09-2019:

Change record statuses and match stages!

In this latest version of Carerix Seamless for mobile we introduce status and match stage change possibilities. Are you on the road and do you want to change that candidate status because s/he just called you to update his/her availability? Just go to Seamless Mobile, look for the candidate record and change the status. Your client just sent you a message that he wants to proceed with one of the three proposed candidates? Immediately change the match stage of the candidates involved in your Seamless for Mobile!

How it works
How it works? Pretty easy! Just go to the candidate or match record you want to adjust. Click on the status or match stage and the list of possible statuses or stages will appear. Simply select the one you need and save! Of course all CX5 user role permissions stay applied!

More focus on the individual recruiter

In order to have more focus on the individual user of the Seamless for Mobile application now - as for candidates and job orders already was the case - we introduce the 'My...' filter for all remaining entities. So a user will immediately see only records of which s/he is the owner in the Matches section, the dashboard, companies, contacts & talentpool. Of course the filter can be adjusted to see records owned by fellow users in the system. What you see of course is bound to your user role permissions. 

Minor updates for Seamless for Mobile

  • Select attachments as was introduced in previous release in the create email now is expanded to all other activities too

  • Fixed an issue causing trouble logging in with Token Based Access enabled

  • Email send prevention in case of double brackets are in place {{like you are used to in CX5}}

Carerix5 smaller improvements and bug fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue with JobFeed in the create new job order wizard

  • Fixed an issue with searching on type of activities in the Fench language

  • Job order ID was added as a column to the placement overview

  • Introduced a form validation for age search filters. For a user it is not possible anymore to search for too big ages with a possible application crash as a result

  • Fixed an issue during save action of timesheets ending in an exception/error

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