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Release 5.314 // 17 December 2022
Release 5.314 // 17 December 2022

Modified (date) / (Modified) by behaviour changed | Icons in context bar

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✏️Changed behavior for (Modified) 'By' / 'Modified' (date) fields

We have made small changes to the way Carerix shows when a record was changes/modified and by whom. Previously we only showed the modification date in case a change was done manually by a human or - other words - a Carerix user.

In case a change was done via the API or any other automated process to which it is impossible to assign a responsible user we hid this information from the records meta data. This in practice led to confusion because it for example was still possible to find a modification date via the grid views / search filter.

Therefore from now on Carerix also will indicate a modification date in the records in case this was done by some automated process or external source / integrated solution. In that case the appropriate modification date is shown and the Modified by value will be set as 'automated'.

🎨 New UI updates

The following elements in the UI have been updated:

Icons are added to the context bar

  • As some of the context bar blocks co-host entities it can be confusing for the user to understand what kind of entity is displayed in the context bar.

  • To ease the distinguishing we have added icons representing the respective entities

  • Icons are displayed in the context bar itself once a record is or has been active in current user session.

  • If no record is or was active in one of the blocks, no icons are displayed.

  • The history list always will show the relevant icon(s) in case items are in the list.

⚠️ Note: We apply a staged roll out for new UI elements and your system might not yet have them. In that case you do not have to worry as we will bring them to you any time soon! If you would like to be included as an early adopter, please contact your customer success manager.

🤖 Small improvements and bug fixes:

Every release includes minor improvements and bugfixes that improve the performance and user experience. Not all of them are visible to the end user. If the release contains changes that directly affect software behavior and user experience they will be briefly noted below.

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