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Features | new Calendar
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The new Carerix Agenda offers the following benefits

  • The New agenda provides faster and stable synchronization with Google or Microsoft.

  • "Find a time" - looking up a colleague's agenda.

  • Appointment Planner.

  • Videoconferences via Google Meet and MS Teams (the latter in BETA, not yet 100% supported).

  • Carerix triggers and Activity Report (based on crtodos).

  • RSVP emails (automatically sent by Google/Outlook) and Carerix email templates.

  • Visibility settings for private vs. public.

  • Recurring appointments.

  • Adding Carerix resources (meeting rooms).

  • New tabs for Candidate, Contact Person, Match, etc.

Important: If you already use Carerix Agenda 1.0 without an active sync with Outlook/Google Calendar, you won't see those meetings in your new Agenda. However, they will remain visible in Carerix under the Activities tab (as a type of 'Appointment'). You can also read this article on temporarily displaying both the old and new agenda.

The new Carerix Agenda does not support

  • Creating a meeting on behalf of a colleague.

  • Meetings scheduled through Microsoft's BookwithMe are visible in the attendees' calendar within Carerix, but they are not reflected in the organizer's Calendar. This is part of our ongoing roadmap for improvement.

  • Using it as an independent agenda.

  • Additional roles.

  • Agenda 1.0 field "status" (preliminary or definitive).

  • Changing your participation in past meetings.

  • Adding attachments to a meeting.

  • Synchronizing the same Google or Microsoft account with multiple Carerix applications.

  • Communication protocol: Microsoft type EAS is not fully supported. We recommend using Microsoft's EWS (most commonly used).

  • Using an email alias in combination with a free Gmail account.

Q & A

Q: Meeting is transparant, and although I created them myself, I still need to accept.
A: Please check how you created that specific meeting. The Classic version of Outlook causes this issue. Classic Outlook sets the organizer response as 'noreply' somehow. Solution: switch to the new Outlook verion.

Q: When I try to add an MS Teams link, it asks for admin approval.
A: The admin of your Microsoft subscriptions (often an internal admin or an external IT provider) can grant this approval.

Q: Will my own email templates still work with the New Agenda?
A: Yes, you can access the templates by clicking the envelope icon at the bottom right of the appointment.

Q: I cant select my email templates
A: Email templates can be only used for non-recurrent meetings for which you are the organizer.

Q: I don't see email templates in my meeting.
A: You can only use email templates for meetings for which you are the organizer. If you are the organizer and don't see the envelope icon at the bottom right, ask your admin if email templates are set up in Carerix (via Templates -> Email Templates, choose entity: Activity.appointment).

Q: Can you block the RSVP emails (invitation emails automatically sent by
A: No, this is currently not possible.

Q: Can I create a meeting on behalf of a colleague's account?
A: No, that is not possible.


  • In editing mode, Outlook displays meetings in "Coordinated Universal Time" (UTC). This can result in a 2-hour time difference from European time (UTC+2). This only applies in editing mode.

  • "hide attendee list"

  • Sync meetings created via Microsofts BookwithMe for organizer

Explanation of (technical) flows between the new Agenda and your Provider

The old and new agendas have technical differences. Email templates, triggers, and/or Activity reports will still work with the new Agenda. Here's how it works:

  1. The recruiter creates a new meeting in Carerix (or modifies an existing one).

  2. Carerix immediately displays the meeting (status = in progress).

  3. Carerix sends a request to the Provider to create the meeting.

  4. The Provider (Microsoft/Google) sends a response back to Carerix once step 3 is successful. This usually takes between 10 and 30 seconds.

  5. Carerix displays the meeting (status = synchronization successful).

  6. Background process: Carerix creates the activity ("crtodo").

  7. The activity is successfully created and becomes visible under the Activities tab.

  8. Email templates, triggers, and/or Activity reports function based on step 7.

Would you like to upgrade to the new Carerix Agenda?

Follow this step-by-step plan: Upgrade the Carerix Agenda.

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