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Recurrent events | New Calendar
Recurrent events | New Calendar
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Create recurrent events

The new Carerix Agenda offers a feature for recurring appointments! With this functionality, you can easily and efficiently schedule recurring appointments without having to enter the same data over and over again. Here, we will explain step by step how to use this feature.

Step 1 Click on 'Add New Appointment': Choose to create a new appointment.

Select the dropdown for 'Recurring Appointment.' The default value is set to "Does not Repeat."

Step 2 Specify how often you want this appointment to repeat. You can choose from options such as daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The recurring meetings will, of course, sync with your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar account.


  • Updates to an existing recurring appointment that apply to "This Appointment/This and Following Appointments"

  • Use of Carerix emailtemplates for recurring events

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