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Release 5.301 // 18 June 2022
Release 5.301 // 18 June 2022
Updated over a week ago

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • Repaired an issue with the work city (job order, general tab) and work location (job order, publication texts tab) during the copying of a job order: It appeared that after copying of the job order in the copy the work location value did not follow the work city anymore. This is solved. Note: once manually filled or changed the work location (in the publication text tab), the value will never take over the work city (on the general tab).

  • Unread emails in the overview are BOLD again

  • Missing icons for the document and email template drop downs are restored

  • JobFeed: Resolved a bug that caused the create job order buttons not working

  • Textkernel CV Parsing: Unsufficient credits email is removed as this is not relevant anymore but causing annoying noise for users.

  • Social Browser: on VDAB the social browser plugin was not refreshing itself after scrolling through VDAB profiles. This is (or will be) resolved in the new extension version 0.12.5.

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