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Release 5.294 // 12 March 2022
Release 5.294 // 12 March 2022

Default Procedure in Leads, Opportunities and Talentpools

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Default values for Procedure fields in Leads, Opportunities and Talentpools

During the implementation of these entities the default option for this field was not included, which means that upon creation of new records the procedure field always remains empty until the user (or API) sets a value. By popular demand, it is now possible to use the default settings in the table items as it works for any other drop down field in your Carerix system: The selected default value will always be set during record creation.

Changes in CX REST API:

  • Apply function: to prevent the Carerix system from automatically sending out notification emails (web-confirm, web-notify, dupwarn and dupmatch) one can now use the following headers in their requests:

    • x-cx-web-confirm-decline-email: YES

    • x-cx-web-notify-decline-email: YES

    • x-cx-web-dupwarn-decline-email: YES

    • x-cx-web-dupmatch-decline-email: YES

  • To make updating more efficient CX REST now allows for a partial update for candidate (CREmployee) and match (CRMatch) evaluation fields.

  • Fixed a bug in the hoursUnitTotal endpoint that included 0-houred days

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • The Salary field in a job order automatically and always cutted of a zero on the last position behind the comma. This resulted in values like EUR 12,5 instead of EUR 12,50. Problematic if you want to show salaries on third party integrated (public) solutions. This was changed, a zero on last position will stay.

  • Social Browser for VDAB: enabled the Social Browser Chrome plugin to work with the new lay-out of the VDAB candidate profiles.

  • An issue was resolved causing the system to give an error when trying to set an advanced qualifier to a trigger that includes the event 'Contact birthday is within... 0 days'.

  • An issue was resolved that caused an error when changing the activity kind. F.E.: changing an email to a task or note.

  • An issue was resolved that caused the credit status field not being read-only despite read-only setting in configuration profile.

  • New UI: fixed a glitch in document templats configuration that falsly suggested the 'open in main window' option was not editable

  • New UI: made small changes in color palette to resolve an issue that could occur with darker colored backgrounds. Panel header font colors will change to a lighter color in case of a dark background. Same for date field values and other fields that have a darker background color.

  • New UI: slight changes have been made to additional field group labels to better distinguish them from the field labels.

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