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Release 5.299 // 21 May 2022
Release 5.299 // 21 May 2022

User Interface upgrades

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New set of updates to the Carerix user interface

In the ongoing process of renewing the Carerix application's user interface we will start soon with enabling new updates on the wizard screens and the search panels both in general and in the wizards. Changes are for 95 percent in look and feel. Except for the new email window where also a couple of small changes in the behaviour are implemented (see first image below):

New email pop up window
New candidate wizard
Re designed search panel

The upgrades are going to be distributed over all customers gradually over the course of the next weeks. If you find it interesting to be amongst the early adopters, feel free to give a shout to

Carerix is renewing it's user interface

Goal is to enhance the user experience by improving the usability of the system. This will be achieved by using better icons, buttons, colors & fonts, increase the UI's consistency and sometimes also by small re-arrangements, disabling or addition of available options and features.

By introducing changes in small pieces and doing so only step by step we strive to make the leap for users as small as possible. One should be able to seamlessly adapt to the changes and not be blocked in continuing the daily work.

The first changes appeared earlier this year in the detail screens by reshaping the designs for input fields, the buttons, the fonts and the colors used.

Over the course of the next months more changes will follow and you will be informed about them accordingly.

Although we test our designs and changes at random and do our best to suit everyone's needs it is still possible that you would like to provide us with your feedback. Feedback is always much appreciated and can be filed to Please set Carerix UI in your subject line!

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with ADFS causing the login process ending up in an infinite loop and users not able to login

  • Due to the Chrome autofill for passwords and fields an annoying issue every now and then popped up saying your passwords were not equal blocking the user to move on - while s/he were not even busy with (changing) passwords. This issue now is resolved and should not occur anymore.

  • During contact creation via the Chrome plugin a default created username will be set to enable smoother onboarding for portal logins.

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