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Release 5.293 // 12 February 2022
Release 5.293 // 12 February 2022

Automations | Microsoft Teams | Socialbrowser on LinkedIn

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BETA: Delay for automations that send out an email

To better facilitate automations (also known as triggers) and prevent issues with missing data we have renewed the way we handle automations that result in an action that automatically will send out an email.

For example: when a candidate submits his hours, Carerix automatically will send out an email to the related contact person that is in charge to approve or deny the submitted hours.

Since these workflows most of the time work together with integrated solutions like our portals, sometimes the mail was send before the necessary information was stored in the database. This resulted in emails not being send out at all or emails with missing information. Therefore we implemented a different way of handling triggers with emails involved. A small delay will be built in so the systems have enough time to process all necessary information resulting in complete emails/notifications being send out.

Note: As this is feature is in a BETA stage it will not be enabled autoamtically. Together with a subset of customers we will roll it out in a staged fashion. Eventually all Carerix systems will have this feature enabled. If you think you need this sooner rather than later, pleas contact with subject 'email trigger delay'.

Microsoft Teams Meeting URL added to .ics attachement

Since a couple of releases the option to enable Carerix users to create Microsoft Teams video URLs in Carerix meetings is available. In this release we added possibility to include the URL into the .ics attachement. .ICS attachments are being used by Google and Microsoft to quickly let their users add meetings from an email to their Google or Outlook calendar. It will ease the way for your external contacts to have the Microsoft Teams Link available in their meetings too!

How to?

The library template can be installed from the template library - if you use a custom template, a piece of code needs to be added to the existing template. You can read further instructions on our Help Center here.

Social Browser is able to detect country of residence for Linkedin

The social browser is able to detect the country of residence on a LinkedinIn profile, given the country is available in your Carerix system and the correct country code is set. To correctly set country codes:

  • Go to: settings > tables > filter for country

  • In the parent column one can identify if a country code is set

  • If no country code is set (or a wrong one) > open the table item

  • Look for the country code dropdown

  • Select the appropriate value

Smaller improvements & Bug fixes

  • New UI: archiving an email (from the email detail view) will land you on the next message detail view in queue

  • New UI: tasks with status To Do are displayed in bold again in the activity tabs of the different files

  • An issue was resolved that could cause inproper/not functioning of the password forgotten flow

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