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Problems with your email
Problems with your email

What you could do when you are experiencing problems with receiving email in Carerix and sending still works.

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Sending email (SMTP)

You can always send email via your Carerix application, this is due to the fact that email is (in the standard configuration) always sent via Carerix email servers.

In some cases your Carerix administrator has configured a company owned SMTP server, in which case sending email is no longer done by using Carerix email servers.

When you are experiencing problems sending email and you find settings for an own SMTP server in your email settings panel, you'll have to contact your Carerix administrator and have them check the SMTP settings.

In some cases it's necessary to give a (new) user specific rights on the used SMTP server, to be able to send email.

Receiving email in Carerix

In case you've been able to receive email in Carerix before, but are not able to do so anymore. You'll have to ask yourself "Did I recently change anything on my Outlook or Gmail email account?" E.g. did you had to change your password on your email account?

In case the last is correct, than remember you'll also have to change your password in Carerix on the email settings panel. (WARNING! this is concerns your email username and password NOT the Carerix username and password!).

To change email username and password and other email related settings you'll need to go to the email settings panel in Carerix (click on your name > My account > E-mail settings).

In a standard configuration you'll see that the panel starts with the checkbox "Settings fetch E-mail from mailserver".

In the example shown you'll see a new line with the text Google and Start Mail Synchronisation, that functionality is described in another article concerning oAuth2 setting.

At the ‘Mailserver’ textbox there needs to be the name of your (company) email server (incoming mail). In the case of Office 365 this is

At the 'Username' textbox you need to fill in personal login data of your email account (username could be your email address).

At 'password' you fill in the correct password of your email account.

As soon these 3 fields are filled in correctly you can click 'save'.

When you have already selected the correct Security setting and Type of email server (preferably IMAP) you can click 'Edit folders'.

Your Carerix will now try to connect to the email server and fetch your email folders.

In case you're getting the following error message:

MailboxLoginFailed 1

You can be sure that the used combination of 'Username' and 'Password' is not correct.

When combination of password and username are correct and you are sure that your mail account holds a TLS or SSL security (info to be obtained via your Carerix administrator) and you have an IMAP account, there should be no error message and connection from Carerix to email server is made.

The moment connection to the mail server is established a number of six drop down boxes are shown (see example).

From the drop down lists you can select the folders on your mail server you wish to synchronize your email with. This means the mail in your primary mail account you wish to receive in Carerix also.

It's not obligatory to synchronize all email folders, you can also choose only to have 'Received (INBOX)' and Send items in your Carerix application.

When you select the above mentioned example all email received in your primary email account e.g. Gmail or Outlook will be shown in Carerix, email sent from Carerix will be synchronized to your primary email account.


Sometime it's useful to have a have a new folder installed on the primary email server named "Carerix" so you can drag and drop email you wish to have in Carerix into that folder. At the drop down options in Carerix you select that folder at the InboxFolder option. Now you are in control of which emails get synchronized with Carerix and which don't.

No error message, but still no email received

You have checked the settings of username and password in Carerix and you clicked the 'edit folders' button, and no error message popped-up. But still you don't receive email in Carerix!

Most often the reason behind this is that when you click 'edit folders' and you check the drop down lists one by one, you'll find that folders are no longer in Dutch or English and you have to change the name of the selected server folders.

It shows you that for some reason (mostly an update on server side) your primary accounts language was changed, causing the connection between Carerix and the email server to be interrupted and mail can't be fetched anymore. You can look at this as Carerix standing in line at the wrong counter to fetch email.


Simply check all the drop down lists in Carerix and choose the correct folders again and click save after you're done.


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