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Release 5.290 // 06 January 2022
Release 5.290 // 06 January 2022

Age and Gender information changes | Copy Job Order option in wizard can be disabled | First new UI elements will be pushed to production

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Age and Gender in Matches and Talentpools

The name columns in candidate overviews can contain age and gender information. This was not yet the case for the candidate overview in the candidates tab in talentpools. This will be added with this release.

Included the Gender and Age information and search filters in matches into the privacy setting to hide sensitive information.

Additonally, for GDPR and/or anti-discrimination regulations or even legislation it might be mandatory to hide this information in order not to be able to filter and select on age or gender criteria. Via the privacy settings the displaying of this information in all candidate overviews (f.e. general candidates overviews, matches overviews, search candidates tabs in job orders and the candidate related tabs in Talentpools) as well as the filtering options for age and gender can be disabled. Disabling can be done by setting the hideSensitiveInformation setting to YES in the Privacy Settings panel via the maintenance menu.

Smaller improvements, updates and bug fixes

  • The copy job order option in the new job order wizard can now be disabled system wide if that is necessary. For example because it can let users circumvent necessary workflow steps. To do this simpy go to the maintenance section --> settings --> General panel --> disableCopyJobOrderOption and set the value to YES.

  • New UI elements will be pushed to a first set of 100 customers. Changes involve the detail section of all entities. Next group of customers will follow shortly depending on feedback. System administrators of systems that will receive the new UI elements will be informed seperately,

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