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Release 5.287 // 20 November 2021
Release 5.287 // 20 November 2021

CalendarSync Office365 | Social browser for Xing

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Advanced Authentication for CalendarSync & Office365

Microsoft is actively disabling access to their products via basic authentication. This is a good thing as it improves security while it is not needed anymore to store usernames and passwords in third party applications like the Carerix Calendar Sync. It does mean, however, that third parties need to implement support for advanced authentication (oAuth2) in their products.

Carerix is happy to announce that oAuth2 now also is implemented in CalendarSync for Office365.

If you recently had trouble with connecting your Carerix calendar to your Office365 calendar, you can retry by using the (new) fourth option available in the document template that sets up the synchronisation.

If you have a working sync yet, than be aware that it might be interrupted in the near future by MS stopping the support for basic authentication. It is advised to re-establish your CalendarSync with the Setup 365 Server oAuth2 option.

Smaller improvements, updates and bug fixes

  • Xing made changes on their profile pages which required us to update the social browser Chrome extension. A new version is available. Usually the extension automatically will update itself.

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