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Release 5.280 // 13 August 2021
Release 5.280 // 13 August 2021

Updated postal codes & Add qualifiers to configuration settings for status and owner fields

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Configuration profiles: add a qualifier to your statuses.

With qualifiers and field validation it is possible to manage your data quality and manage your workflows in Carerix. You can set advanced conditions on when a field becomes required, is hidden or set read only.

In this new release the qualifier option is added to the status field and the owner field

For example:

if field X has value Y - it is not possible to change the status.


Or only allow certain users to be able to change the status.

Due to the fact that working with qualifiers and field validation requires some basic programming skills, by default it is not enabled on your system. It is however available on request and free of charge. If you want to learn more about this feature please read this article about qualifiers and field validation on

Smalller improvements, bug fixes and updates

  • The postal code database is updated with the latest changes and additions. The postal code lookup functionality helps you to fill out the full address (street, province and city) for a given postal code and house number. Please note: address look up is only available for Dutch postal codes

  • UI: fixed an issue with the button to disconnect attachments which disappeared from the screen in case of very long file names.

  • An issue was resolved that caused manually created candidate wizard to end in an exception without creating a new candidate record.

  • An issue was resolved with the merge option overwriting data in additional fields in the leading record with data of the submissive record while it should not (because the field already contained data).

  • A couple of technical issues with the Starred integration are resolved

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