Development application copy behaviour changed in relation to ADFS

While making a copy of your production application to your development application we used to copy along its ADFS settings. This resulted in broken ADFS flows for those who set up a seperate ADFS for their development environments. To prevent this, the copying of the ADFS settings in production to the development application is abolished.

Smaller improvements and bugs fixed

Apart from general and minor improvements the following issues are resolved in this release:

  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip that shows resume content in the candidate overview when hovering over it. The tooltip in some occasions did not dissappear anymore. Now it does again :)

  • We resolved a bug in the social browser that did not link added contacts to the selected company anymore.

  • We resolved a bug in the ADFS login process which was related to 'same site cookies'. The bug resulted in a harmless but annoying error when for some reason the user was not able to login within 3 minutes. This has been fixed and currently should not happen anymore.

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