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Copy production environment to Development Database
Copy production environment to Development Database
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You have a Carerix application in the form of (production database) and a development version in the form of (development database). You want to copy the data of the production database to the development database. This article describes how to do this.


  1. Log in in your production application

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' - 'Settings' - 'General'

  3. Fill in the following values:
    - databaseDevCopyEmailAddress -> Choose a e-mail address, this don't need to be a valid address.
    - databaseDevCopyScheduled -> YES

The copy is now scheduled and will be performed in the following night. The development database will be overwritten the following morning with the data from the production database. The following changes are made:

  • All e-mail addresses are overwritten with the value from the 'databaseDevCopyEmailAddress'.
    - This way it is prevented that e-mail messages from the test application are sent to a real receiver.

  • Receiving e-mails is turned off for all users.

Keywords : UD-1839

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