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Release 5.0.257 // 29 August 2020
Release 5.0.257 // 29 August 2020

VOIP, IMAP Oauth email synchronisation

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release.


Smaller improvements & resolved issues:

Apart from regular maintenance and performance related work, in this release a couple of small improvements and bug fixes are available:

  • We introduce a new setting for VOIP: New setting available to adjust your click-to-dial URL/VOIP protocol according to your provider. The setting can be found in the VOIP section of the settings menu and is only available if the VOIP functionality is enabled. To use VOIP technology you need a VOIP provider first. If you want to learn more about VOIP in Carerix, more information on this topic can be found on our Help Center.

  • Improved the process for revoking your mailbox access for Carerix from the Carerix application to make sure the process does not stall end a user ends up in not being able to setup a new email sync.

  • Added missing translations for activity preview: the availability label now is also available in other languages than Dutch.

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