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Release 5.0.256 // 15 August 2020
Release 5.0.256 // 15 August 2020

Textkernel Search! integration | Google oAuth2 improved with autosave | Mutation dashboard

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release.


Textkernel Search! - Nationale Vacaturebank and Intermediair becoming DPG Recruitment.

With the launch of DPG Recruitment de Persgroep migrated all NVB and Intermediair accounts to their new platform. Therefore the TK Search! tabs for NVB and Intermediair became useless in the Search product. As a replacement the DPG tab is introduced. It brings together all public profiles of NVB, Intermediair and Tweakers Career. If you had the tabs for NVB and/or Intermediair enabled, they are automatically replaced by the new DPG tab. Please note the following:

  • In order to view the candidate profiles from the search results, users will need to log in to DPG. If you had NVB and/or Intermediair accounts you should already have been notified by and supplied with credentials for DPG. If that is not the case, please contact DPG. The old credentials for NVB/Intermediair do not work on DPG’s new platform.

  • Importing profiles from DPG is not possible at the moment, as it is currently not supported by DPG's new platform. Textkernel is working together with DPG to address this, but unfortunately no timeline can be provided yet. For now there will be only a link to view the full profile on DPG, and users can still download the profile from DPG manually.

  • Please Carerix' Customer Success Team know if you do not wish to have the new DPG tab enabled. It is not possible to have the old NVB and/or Intermediair tabs enabled again.

Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

In this release the following bug fixes and improvements for the Carerix 5 platform are included:

  • We improved the flow to authorize your Google inbox (Gmail/Gsuite) with an autosave action at the end of the authorization process. This means that there is no need anymore to first click on the save button manually in Carerix after you finished the authorization and one can immediately start mapping the folders. Currently it is only possible to authorize with oAuth for Google/Gsuite. We are working on a similar solution for Office365/Exchange Online.

  • We solved an issue with the Email button in the contacts preview (tab activities). This button is supposed to open a new (compose) email dialogue box with the 'to:' filled with the email address of the respective contact, but it did not fill the address. Now it does again.

  • We solved two issues with regard to our mutation dashboard. First we solved a problem that appeared when creating a new checkpoint. We display the user name and the date and time when the checkpoint was created. This seemed not to be stored as after navigating away the displayed name and date/time were changed back into the previous value. This was solved. Second issue solved was the fact that a placement was not shown in the report/dashboard after a rate change took place.

  • We fixed an issue with additional fields of the date/time type. These could not be erased and stored empty after it had a value stored. Now it is possible again to make this field empty and store it as such.

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