In this article we will explain how you quickly and easily can establish a synchronization between your Google inbox and Carerix to make sure your email can be received in Carerix properly.

Allow us as a 'Trusted App'

Before you start with the steps to enable the synchronization you'll need to make sure Carerix is added as a trusted app so you can connect your G Suite environment without issues. You can read here how you can do this.

Establish the synchronization

  • Via your name in the upper right corner of your Carerix screen, go to the user menu and click on My account.
  • In the My account screen scroll down and look for the Email settings panel
  • On top of this panel you find the 'Add Mailbox' button - click on it
  • A new browser tab will open and you can pick the Google email address you wish to be synchronized with Carerix. Click on the desired account:
  • In the following screen Google will ask for your approval to synchronize the chosen Google email account with Carerix - click on Allow:
  • All required email settings now are automatically and correctly registered in Carerix.
    Attention: do not change anything in the fields!
  • On top of the screen click on the save button or navigate away to another page in Carerix. Your changes then will automatically be saved:

To finish the setup of your mail synchronization between Google and Carerix you need to map the respective folders in Carerix and Google. This way you make sure that mail from your inbox in Google will end up in the inbox in Carerix as well as archived or deleted mail. To do this, click on the button Edit folders.

Trouble Shooting:

No 'Add Mailbox' button is shown in My Account:

The 'Add Mailbox' button will be activated for all systems that have at least one user using a synchronisation with Google/Gsuite (as of June 2020). In case the button is not available for you while you are actually using or are planning to use Gsuite in the near future? Please contact our Customer Success Team.

Google reports unverified app:

Before you can set up your mail synchronization with Google, Carerix needs to be listed as a Trusted app in your Google G Suite Domain. Consult your system administrator to do take necessary steps.

Error message when clicking on Edit folders:

Bare in mind that the Edit folders button only can communicate with Google after clicking the save button when finished with the synchronization setup. If you get one of the following error messages it means that something is not right in your email settings:

Please repeat the setup steps. If the problem persists contact support.


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