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Release 5.0.251 // 6 June 2020
Release 5.0.251 // 6 June 2020

New Google email synchronisation setup using oAuth2 available | Textkernel Search! improvements: bulk matching and search history

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In this new Carerix release you will find the following updates and changes:

Set up Google email synchronisation using oAuth 2.0

We have implemented a new authentication method for the email synchronisation with a Google GSuite environment.

It is now possible to set up the email connection using OAuth 2.0 access tokens. Effectively, this means you can setup the connection by signing into your Google domain, instead of entering a username and password in the Carerix application.

For your users, setting up the email connection becomes as simple as a press of a button, and signing into your Google domain.

To allow your users to use this method, the Carerix application needs to be added to the Google GSuite environment as a trusted application. This needs to be done by the GSuite administrator, and takes about 5 minutes.

Note: In the near future, Google will no longer allow the configuration of new connections that use basic authentication. This means that soon, it will no longer be possible to setup email synchronization with a username and password.

We therefore urge you to start using this new method as soon as possible. It’s safer, easier, and prepares you for the future!

Textkernel Search! upgrade:

  • It is now possible to match multiple candidates at once from the Textkernel Search! tab in Job Orders.

  • Recent searches per user are now stored and can be checked by clicking in the emty search bar of on the Search! tab. Note: no filter should be active

Smaller improvements and bugfixes

  • Resolved an issue with candidate modifications not updating the 'modified by' field.

  • Minor improvements related to general performance of Carerix applications.

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