1. Rewrite Carerix apply urls in publication to go through Multiposter service layer.
    If apply url was specified as http://somecustomer.com/vacancy/1234/apply, Multiposter will rewrite it to https://multiposter.com/someService/?redirectToUrl=http://somecustomer.com/vacancy/1234/apply

  2. 'proxy' all Carerix apply urls through their service layer and append the desired values for cx_apply* parameters for redirectToUrl , e.g. http://somecustomer.com/vacancy/1234/apply?cx_applysource=Google&cx_applytags=jobboard.nl,paid,regionA

  3. Redirect an applicant to apply url4) the application processing the application will be able to read those values from GET parameters and set them to Match record via Carerix REST/XML APIs. 

Keywords : UD-2008

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