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Your own manual in Carerix
Your own manual in Carerix

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What is it?

It's possible to attach your own instruction manual to a tab in Carerix. This can be achieved via the table 'Help URL'. Information like a simple explanation or a complete manual can be opened by clicking on this icon. With this 'In App' help functionality it will be possible to give a better explanation about internal processes.

With the table item 'Help URL' Administrators are able to attach different URLs to different tabs of entities in Carerix. You can add a different URL per language, making it easy to support multiple languages if needed.

If a 'Help URL' table item is activated, a new information icon will appear on the active tab. When clicked the saved URL will be opened in a new tab.

Enter a new URL

You can set a new URL as follows:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Click [+ new]

  • Choose 'Help URL' at the Table drop-down menu

  • Make sure the box before 'active' is checked

  • Enter the desired URL in the language you want
    Note: Make sure the URL you've entered contains http:// or https:// or it will not work

  • Choose at which entity and tab this URL needs to appear

Keywords: UD-2915 

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