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Multiple search terms
Multiple search terms

How to search on multiple terms at the same time

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It is possible to search on multiple terms at the same time. This option is found on all the pages from the menu Files.

  • One search line is already visible

  • Click "New line" to add a search line 

  • Use the magnifier glass to see the options you can choose from, for example when searching on status the magnifier show the possible statuses

  • Click "Find" to view the results

  • Make a search profile by saving your search and naming the profile. Useful for frequently used searches

  • For a new search, click "Clear all" and then "Find".

Below you find more information on the way you can search, shown with examples.

Multiple terms: AND

You want to search people with in the first name "John" and status "New". Fill out two search lines, use the drop down menu to select "First name" and "Status" and the next dropdown to select "Contains":

  • First name contains John

  • Status contains New

Result: All candidates named John and with a status New are shown.

Multiple terms: OR

You want to search people with in the first name John or Pete. Fill out one search line:

  • First name contains John Pete

Result: All candidates having John or Pete in their name, for example John Allbright and Pete Brown.

Multiple words in one search term

Use "" to make multiple words into one search term. For example searching people with first name John Pete, type; "John Pete". This is called "Phrase search".

Searching through CV's

In the page Candidates its possible to search through all the CV's. In the search line use the drop down menu to select "CV attachment". The next dropdown has two options:

  • "contains all of": all of the words typed in the search field have to appear in the CV

  • "contains any of": one of the words have to be in the CV

What do the percentages mean in the search results?

Some search results give percentages, for example the search through CV's using multiple terms. The percentages give the ranking of the results, meaning the best results are on top having 100%. Percentages are set based on:

  • The more searched terms in the CV the higher the score

  • One of the searched terms is used multiple times in the CV gives a higher score

  • The farther apart the words are in the document, the lower score

  • Scores are being normalized. The best result has always the score 100%.

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