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ApplyURL Code for Apply link
ApplyURL Code for Apply link
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Where to add/alter the code for the ApplyURL for Apply link?


Determine with the applyUrl the default value for the field application link in a new publication. As default the applyUrl setting is:

https://<cx:write value="$utilities.userDefaults.Customer" invoke="lowercaseString"/><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>

The application link based on the default applyUrl will look like:


  • The default application link links the applicant to the online Carerix portal. You'll find your Carerix portal on the following address: Fill at "example" your own application name in.

Own website

We advise you to link the applicant to your own website and change the applyUrl setting following the structure of your own website. An example for a modified applyUrl:<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/<cx:write value="$publication.titleInformation.urlEncodedString"/>.html

The application link based on the applyUrl above can look like:

SRSx website

The logic for the applyUrl on behalf of SRSx is the following:<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>

It is important that you leave the if/then construction intact, for example:

<cx:if condition="publication.toMedium.code='indeed'">https://<cx:write value="$utilities.userDefaults.Customer" invoke="lowercaseString"/><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>/
<cx:else><cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/></cx:else>

The application link based on the applyUrl above will look as follows: On the SRSx website, this is converted into

WordPress Plugin

The logic for the applyUrl on behalf of the WordPress plugin is the following:<cx:write value="$publication.publicationID"/>

Keywords : UD-2775

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