How to create a Google Calendar link:

You can simply create a Google Calendar link that you can use in your email templates. For example with CxScript like this:

<a target="blank" title="Add this meeting to your Google Calendar »"
<cx:Write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.startTime' dateformat='%Y%m%dT%H%M00' />/
<cx:Write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.endTime' dateformat='%Y%m%dT%H%M00' />
&text=Meeting at &location=<cx:Write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.location'/>
&details=Meeting with
<cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.firstName' />
<cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.lastNamePrefix' />
<cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.lastName' />
(<a href=%22mailto:<cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.emailAddressBusiness' />%22>
<cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.emailAddressBusiness' /></a>)
Mobile: <cx:write value='$activity.toPreviousToDo.owner.mobileNumberBusiness' />">
Add this meeting to your Google Calendar »</a>

The above code will generate a link, so be aware that you might have to encode certain characters when you want to add more Cxscript or Html in the title (text=) or description (details=).

De generated link will look something like this: online&

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