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Show company logo with Publications
Show company logo with Publications

How to show the company logo with publications with Rest-Api

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Create the document type as follows:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Search "Table" | is equal to | "Document type of attachment"

  • Check if a document type "Logo" exists
    If so, open this one to check. Otherwise:

  • Choose [New] to create a new document type. Enter these values:
    - Table: Document type of attachment
    - Settings: Active: ON, default: OFF
    - At item: 'Logo'
    - Document class: LogoTag

  • Save the changes

Add logo to company

Add the logo to the company as follows:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies' and click on the company

  • Go to the "Attachments-tab"

  • Click [Browse] to browse on your computer for the image

  • At 'Type' choose "Logo"

  • Enter a description and click [Add]

  • As last check if the logo has been added as an attachment

Display logo on the website

When a logo has been added to the company, it is displayed automatically with the Publication.

  • Check that at least one job order has been Published for this Company

  • Go to your website, find this Publication and open it.
    The logo should be displayed. If the logo does not appear, contact your web builder to fix this for you. The web builder might need to insert the Cx code of the logo into the template. 

Please note:
This is not possible when Carerix is connected to your website with the WP-Plugin or if you're having an SRSX websites. 

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