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Error when uploading CV
Error when uploading CV

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A Candidate attempts to upload a CV on your website (based on a portal). The Candidate gets a error message after sending the appliance.

Error: Document type

The Candidate gets a error message that contains the sentence

A document type with the tag 'CVUploadedByCandidateTag' couldn't be found.


The website sends the CV to Carerix (this works), but wants to add the right type to the CV.
To give the right type, Carerix wants to give the document the tag "CVUploadedByCandidateTag".
This tag can't be seen because a setting is missing in the Carerix System.


  • Log in as Administrator

  • Go to Maintenance | Tables | Table "Document type attachment"

  • Click [New]

  • Fill in the fields:
    Dutch: CV door kandidaat toegevoegd
    Document class: CVTag
    Document subclass: CVUploadedByCandidateTag
    User roles: Select the user roles who can see the CV's

  • Click [Save] to save the document type.

Keywords: UD-1737

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