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Logo above the Main Menu
Logo above the Main Menu

Branding | How to add/change a logo above the Main Menu (left)

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The Administrator can add/change the logo above the Main Menu in your Carerix application.

  • Click 'Management' | 'Offices'

  • Click "All Offices-Tab"

  • Select Office record

  • Click "Attachments"

  • Upload logo, you can drag and drop a file into bottom of the screen

  • Choose type: Company logo

  • Fill-in description:  "menuLogo" (exactly as it is written here, else it wil not work!)

  • Click button [Save]

File size

The logo has to fit these spec's

  • File type: .gif, .png, .jpg

  • Size in pixels:  150 width, 30 high

  • Optimized with a white background (HTML code #FFFFFF)

Also read the article: Branding in Carerix application

Keywords: UD-2056

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