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Add your logo to the E-mail footer
Add your logo to the E-mail footer

Branding | How to add/change a logo in a E-mail footer

Updated over a week ago

The Administrator can add/change a E-mail footer in your Carerix application.

  • Go to "Management"

  • Click "Offices"

  • Click "All Offices"

  • Open an Office record

  • Click "Attachments"

  • Upload logo, you can drag and drop a file into bottom of the screen

  • Choose type : EmaiLogo 

  • Fillin description:  "EmailLogo" (exactly as it is written here)

  • Click button <Save>

After a re-login the logo will appear in your e-mail footer.

If your logo does not appear, please check if your "emailFooter" settings are still Carerix standard.
If it is not, then the logo will not appear under these circumstances. 

To check :

  • Go to "Maintenance"

  • Go to "Settings"

  • Block "Template Parts"

  • Field "emailFooter"

You can reset the code in the "emailFooter" field by clicking on the "Default" button.

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