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e-ID connector
e-ID connector

Read e-ID data from your (Belgian) identity card

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An e-ID connector can read out the e-ID data from your (Belgian) identity card. This includes name, given name, date of birth, the official address, etc. It also allows for the creation of qualified signatures. The e-ID card is the only token that every Belgian citizen carries, and that allows for qualified signatures as SSCD device. An e-ID Authentication requires the end-user to enter his or her PIN code to confirm the identity. The end-user does not get queried for its PIN code. 

The e-ID connector in Carerix offers you the possibility to easily create new candidates in Carerix by simply uploading their information from a Belgian e-ID card. 

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How does it work?

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates' and click [New]

  • Connect the e-ID reader to Carerix

  • Put the e-ID card in the card reader

  • When creating a candidate, choose the option "Belgium e-ID import"

  • Carerix will automatically create a new candidate or enrich an already existing candidate. 

Remark :
This option is only for clients that use the Belgian e-ID card option, and who have a contract with

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