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File Print doesn't show everything
File Print doesn't show everything

Troubleshooting | What to do when File parts are missing when printing

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You use the print function in Carerix. In the print preview you see more information than what is printed. It seems that the printer doesn't print certain parts.


As default Carerix only prints the first part. You can select which parts need to be printed in the print preview.


For example we use a Job order file. The method is the same for other default print files.

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Job orders'

  • Open the desired job order and click [Print]
    A pop-up appears with the print preview.

  • The print preview is divided in several parts, each with a dark bar. In the dark bar is a checkbox on the right.

  • Check this box if you want to print this part.

  • Follow the further instructions to print.

Keywords: UD-2521

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