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Match activity not visible at contact
Match activity not visible at contact


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In a Match of a Job order, you have created an Activity.

However: When you look in the file of the Contact, you cannot see the Activity.


It is true that activities of a Match are not visible in the 'Activities-tab' in the file of the Contact.

Reasons for this could be:

When a Contact has several Job orders and everyone of these Job orders has multiple Matches, the number of activities will increase very quickly.
In the contact's file there would be so many activities, that there is no overview anymore.

Certain activities in a Match will relate to the Candidate, not the Contact.
For Carerix, it is not automatically clear which activities should be and should not be shown in the file of the Contact.


In certain cases, it is important that you should be able to see a match activity in the 'Activities-tab' of the Contact. This is possible by explicitly linking the concerning Activity to the Contact.

Method of working

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Match' 

  • Open the Match to which the activity is linked.
    Note : The context bar is automatically filled with all the related files, including the contact

  • Go to the 'Activities-tab' in the Match and open the Activity.

  • Choose: [Link...]
    You now get the following choice:
    (*) With file [Contact : ...] (contact is already filled
    (_) Search a [Contact]

  • Choose the above option and [Finish]

When you go to the Contact (through the context bar) and from there, you go to the 'Activities-tab', you will see the activity there.

Keywords : UD-1384

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