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Rate Candidates and Placement
Rate Candidates and Placement

How to record Rates at the Placement

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Placements are available in the Staffing edition only

When working with placements, you can record rates (e.g. billing rate and payment rate) at the placement.
Looking at the candidate, you notice that you can record these rates at the candidate as well.

Why can you store rates at both these locations?


A Placement can be considered the definitive agreement between all parties that a certain person will do certain work for a certain period of time.
As such, the rates as recorded with the placement are definitive:
This is what you will charge the company (billing rate), and this is what you will pay the candidate (payment rate).

The rates at the candidates are meant as an indication of the price of the Candidate. This is useful when considering multiple candidates for a certain placement.


You have a job order that you want to fulfill.
In your Carerix system you find two equally suitable candidates:

  • John, with a payment rate of $50/hr
    This could be the payment rate from an earlier Placement

  • Bill, with a payment rate of $70/hr
    Or your own estimate of the value of this Candidate

You can now select the most appropriate Candidate, and determine your billing rate.

You have to maintain the rates manually.
Carerix does not put the placement rates into the candidate record.

Types of rates

Rates in Carerix can be devided into four types:


A rate is a fee that is not paid 1:1 to the employee.
For example the billing rate and the salary rate.


A compensation is paid 1:1, for example the travel cost for the employee


Deductions are taken from the salary to pay for, for example, the payrolling or pension fees


Regulations are for other regulations, e.g. a company car

Automatic Rates

It possible to add fixed costs per working day.
example : deduct Fixed expense allowance at the Company

Add a item to the Rate Table

An Administrator can add item to the Rate Table.

  • Got to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Click  [+ new]

  • Field Table : Rate

  • Enter Item the name : "Day allowance"

  • Select at field Unit : 'Worday car'

Add Rate rule to Placement

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Placements', open the placement

  • Go to the General-Tab

  • Go to block 'Rates'

  • Click [Rate +], select "Day allowance"

Now an automatic Rates invoicerule will be added for every workingday, with a minimal of 1 hour invoiced.

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