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Release 5.0.269 // 27 February 2021
Release 5.0.269 // 27 February 2021

Enabled the activities tab on the placement preview | Enhanced unsubscribe synchronisation with MailChimp

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Smaller improvements and bugfixes:

  • For placements the activities tab has been added to the preview. This is in line with the previews on other entities and enables the user to quickly have insight in the ten most recent activities (mails, notes, tasks and meetings) related to the particular placement record.

  • For Mailchimp we made sure that recipients of your mailing campaigns that have an unsubscribed status in mailchimp (but not (yet) in Carerix) will be given the unsubscribed status in Carerix too as soon as you add them to a new MailChimp Campaign in Carerix. The candidate (or contact) will be shown 'Unsubscrived' in the result column of the MailChimp campaign overview and s/he will be added to the MailChimp Unsubscribed group.

  • An issue with emails that include unsupported emoticons which result in an error when trying to send out an email, is resolved. Supported emoticons will be included, unsupported emoticons will be removed. The error should not occur anymore.

  • An issue that caused an error when adding candidates to a campaign in certain scenario's had been resolved.

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