Delete a Placement

How to delete a placement

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How to delete a Placement

Really deleting a Placement is not possible, the only possibility is to Archive Placement(s)

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Placements'

  • Select 1 or more Placements
    By selecting one ore more Placements, the button [Action] will appear.

  • Click the [Action] Button, click option "Archive"

Error Message "Not enough rights"

When you try to delete a Placement you see the following message that the action can't be performed.


Carerix doesn't allow to delete Placements
 (except if the Placements have the Status "Pending")


Carerix sees a Placement, when it doesn't have the status 'Pending', as a formal agreement between the client, the Candidate and the Company.
 You can't just see such an agreement as "non existent".
That is why Carerix doesn't allow you to delete Placements.


However, the Administrator can archive Placements (no matter the status).

Keywords : UD-346

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