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Information about how te sales rate is calculated

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The calculation sheet ('Dossiers' | 'Candidate' | 'Admin tab') is for calculating sales rates for your own or purchasing employees in the context of posting (Staffing Edition). In the candidate file you first calculate a sales recommendation rate based on a default conversion factor or default margin percentage that you use in your organization.

The advice on the sales tariff calculation rule and any other calculation rules in the Candidate dossier are included in the Match and Placement dossier when you create one of these dossiers.
Of course it is possible to deviate from the "Advice sales rate" that you have set.

For example, you can enter a calculation line with a different rate (higher or lower) per offer (Match-file) or Placement (Placement file).

Of course you can have calculated and recorded sales rates included in an e-mail or contracts to Contacts.


  • Before you can use the calculation sheet, you must configure a number of things.

  • The configuration is performed by a user with Administrator rights.

  • You have to make a choice whether you apply a default sales factor or a default margin calculation in the calculation sheet. (both is not possible)

  • You define the default values in Settings.
    Deviations from the default can be registered manually for each Company, JobOrder or Match.

Set default margin or sales factor

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Calculations, click [+]

  • Enter margin amount at defaultMargin (without % sign)

  • Save


  • Enter a factor in the defaultSalesFactor field. (e.g. 2.5)

  • Click [Save]


  • The entered default sales factor is indicated in brackets after the Sales Factor field in the Files: Company, JobOrder and Match.

  • You cannot change the formula if you do not have JavaScript knowledge. Request a change to the formula through our Customer Success Team.
    If you make a change to the script yourself, we do not provide support for bugs etc.

Adjust the reimbursement table

To calculate a correct sales hourly rate for your own employees, you must add a tag to the Remuneration item Salary.
If this item does not exist then you must create this item.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Choose Table: Reimbursement

  • Choose the item Salary (or add it)

  • Select Reimbursement type: salaryCompensationTag

  • Click [Save]

Basic calculations: Salary and / or Rate fields

The calculation sheet counts from a fixed salary or rate of a Candidate.

Used field order for a calculation

  • The salary in the reimbursement line (Own Employee) or -> if empty

  • The salary for Basic-tab candidate for field Current Salary.

The following applies to the hourly rate:

  1. The hourly rate for Basic-tab candidate for field Current Salary or -> if empty

  2. The hourly rate at Tab Desired field Desired Salary

  • In all other situations you have to enter something yourself in the opened calculation sheet.

  • The calculation sheet does not calculate a sales rate of an amount of the hourly rate type stated in the Reimbursement line.

  • If you use Salary in the reimbursement rule, this automatically means that it is a Personal Employee.

  • If you start from the Current Salary field in the Basic-tab, it can be any employee and not specifically an 'own employee'.

Calculate the sales rate of your own employee

In the example below, we calculate the recommended sales rate for your own employee. The recommended sales rate is of course the minimum rate that applies to a project of that employee. In the example calculation below we assume that

  • you use a default sales factor and have entered it in Settings.

  • That you have correctly set the Salary Reimbursement item in the Reimbursements table.

Record salary

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Open a Candidate

  • Go to the 'Admin-tab'

  • Scroll to the Reimbursements section

  • Select Salary

  • Enter a monthly salary at (column Sales rate eg 3000)

  • Save

  • You can enter multiple reimbursement rules but these are not included in the calculation of the hourly rate. Only the first reimbursement rule is used for the calculation.

  • You can enter fixed amounts per month later, for example in the tariff rules of the placement file.

  • Employee costs such as;
    Laptop, Bonus, Auto, Other etc. you record in the opened calculation sheet when you make the calculation (see below).

Calculation sheet

  • Scroll up to the Sales Rate section

  • Click [New calculation]

  • The Calculation sheet opens in a pop-up

Explanation calculation sheet

  • You have chosen a salary, so the calculation sheet assumes that it is an "Employee". The calculation is based on a monthly salary.

  • You enter links (where applicable) for additional employee cost items that must be included in the sales rate advice per hour.

  • The sales rate is calculated based on the monthly salary and cost items entered and the default sales factor or margin set

  • Under current you can manually increase, decrease or round off the sales rate, sales factor as desired.

  • A Sales factor or margin percentage in Red means that you are below the factor or margin, in case of a manual adjustment.

  • Advanced (right):

  • Click on [green arrow]

  • You will see "read only" fields filled with the Constant hours values used for a calculation.

  1. Save the Calculation sheet.

  2. A calculation line appears with the sales rate.

Calculation sheet in the Match
When you match a candidate / employee for whom a calculation has already been made for a vacancy, and you want to use a different sales rate for that client, you make a new calculation.

You do this as follows:

  • Make a Match of a candidate for which a calculation has already been made. (see Admin-Tab)

  • Go to Match-file of that candidate / employee

  • You can see that the first calculation line has been taken to the Match file.

  • Choose Calculation

  • Make adjustments (by removing or adding costs or changing the factor or the final amount under Result)

  • Click [Save]

  • A second calculation line appears above the line of a previous calculation.

Rate rules in file placement

A sales rate and other fees have been agreed with the Client. Now create the placement. Of course you ensure that the last calculation in the Match file is the final one.

  • Create a Placement in the Match (use the match from the previous example)

You can see that the calculation rules have been included in the Placement file.

You now have to create tariff rules, which are necessary for sending an invoice based on the declared hours.

  1. At the rates section, fill in the fields with the results of the last (final) calculation rule created. 

  2. If necessary, add extra tariff rules that are necessary, for example, to calculate overtime costs based on completed weekly statements.


  • In practice, the final calculation in the Match file should be the final sales rate agreed with the customer. However, there are exceptions where a change must be made at the end (after creating the placement). For that reason you can also do a new calculation in the Placement file.

  • You cannot delete the calculation rules in the files. This way you build up a history of performed calculations.

  • New calculations made in the Match or Placement will not be added to the Candidate file and vice versa.

Sales rate for purchasing employee

  • Go to 'Files' 'Candidate'

  • Basic Tab, field: Current salary

  • Enter "Hourly Rate"

  • Click [Save]

  • Click Admin-tab: Make the calculation

  • Under Reimbursement, enter the hourly rate used for the calculation

Agree by e-mail for sale rate to Contact Person

You have made a rate calculation in the Match file. You want - after negotiation - a written (reply) agreement from the Contact Person for the sales rate. You will find this e-mail template in the Template Library.
You install this template at a Phase in the recruitment process.

Install offer message at Phase

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'E-mail templates'

  • [Library template]

  • Install the template: cp. Offer message

  • Open the Phase where you want to include this template ('Maintenance' | 'Phases')

  • Check the installed template

  • Test it out

Tip: The most recent sales rate is included in the e-mail template.

Send contract message to Contact by e-mail

From the Placement file you can send a contract message with the last calculated sales rate to a Contact Person.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'E-mail templates'

  • [Library template], Install the template: Contract Message

  • Log out and log in again

  • Go to the Placement file

  • Choose the installed e-mail template

  • Test it out

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