Directly receive your applications when someone has applied through Monsterboard

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You want to directly receive your applications when someone has applied through Monsterboard, but you don't have a multiposter account like Knollenstein. You still want to receive applications from Monsterboard through your website.


Monsterboard has the option to put your own application link in the Vacancy advertisement. The link has to (a) point to your own website and (b) contain the right publication number (the number of the Monsterboard publication).

  1. Go to the Vacancy on your own website.

  2. Copy the link from the address field in your browser.

  3. Paste this (application) link on the right place on Monsterboard.

With this link, the candidate will be redirected from the Monsterboard website to your own website and to the right vacancy.


You will not be able to see from where the Candidate is applying (source), because in the end the application is coming from your own website.

You can solve this by making a Source Table for the Candidate in the application form. With this source Table the Candidate can manually select the site where he/she has seen the Vacancy.

If you are using a multiposter (Media), you can let the Source be automatically filled in for a Candidate.

Add source Candidate

The Administrator can point this out at the Source field:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • 'Table',  'is equal to', "Source Candidate"

  • Click [+ New]

Where to find the 'Source' field

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Open a Candidate

  • Go to the General - Tab

  • Go to Block 'Internal', field 'Source"

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