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Stiply Workflow for recipient
Stiply Workflow for recipient

Stiply Digital Signing

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In the printscreens below you are able to see the flow for the recipient of the documents. 

  • Recipient receives the request per email.

  • The name "Stiply" is going to be replaced by the name of the agency. (Agency of the User sending the document)

  • Recipient presses the button "View and Sign document". The document will open and show a green field for the signature

  • The signature is added to the document.

  • If the phonenumber is added to the request, the recipient get's an extra notification step by phone. 

  • The recipient get's an email with information about the status.

  • When all recipient signed the document, the document will be send to all. 

Result Signed Contract

Visit the Stiply website for more information.

Keywords: UD-2504

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