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Install and use of Digital Signing

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Digital Signing offers you the possibility to communicate with your candidates and clients, 100% paper free, even when you need signatures for important documents like contracts. This tool has been integrated in Carerix and is completely adhering to current laws.


  • Multi device GUI based on HTML5 technology → pc, tablet, smartphone.

  • Modern and innovative → completely SAAS and internet based solution

  • Security → secured online environment, available everywhere and always.


You request Digital Signing with you account manager or through the helpdesk. The solution will be installed in your system, as well as the needed tables, e-mail templates and the Digital Signing Cockpit Dashboard. You will receive an e-mail with all the information you need, and then you can start your digital signing.


We suggest strongly to add an extra SPF record to your DNS settings, giving rights to the sending mail server processing the emails. The SPF should be added with: ""

Using Digital Signing

An envelope is a PDF that needs to be signed by a Candidate or Contact. This are the steps to send an envelope:

  • You send an email template from these places in Carerix; Candidate, Match (to Candidate or Contact), Placement (to Candidate or Contact) and Contact
    Important items are E-mail, Mobile and expire date.
    The default attachment is named X-Carerix-Origin-Record.json and helps to deliver the signed end-result to the right place in Carerix.

  • Add 1 or more Word or PDF attachments. These attachments will be automatically merged into 1 PDF for digital signing by candidate or contact. You can adjust the order that's based on alphabetic order of the first letter in each attachment. Example, if you have 2 attachments with the names Contract.pdf and LeaseContract.pdf, the PDF will show first the Contract and after that the LeaseContract all in 1 PDF.

  • After sending, go to Dashboards > Digital Signing Cockpit. Here you will see an active Envelope in the Digital Signing Cockpit dashboard.

  • The Candidate or Contact will receive an email with the invite to sign. They can use a computer, tablet or smartphone to finish the envelope. There will be send a code via text message to finish the digital signing process.

  • The Candidate or Contact will receive an email with the digital signed PDF as an end-result of the process.

  • In Carerix you will receive an email with the digital signed PDF. From where you send-out in Carerix you will receive the PDF end-result as an attachment of the type "Digital signed document".

  • This finishes the process.

We provide 3 languages, Dutch, English and German. The Candidate or Contact who needs to sign will see text is in a specific language but the text in buttons like Sign and Reject are influenced by your browser language.

If the envelop passes the expiration date it will deliver an email notification to return email address and signer.

Keywords: UD-1021

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