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Creating an email template: adding a logo
Creating an email template: adding a logo
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Email templates with HTML formatting can contain logo's. There are two ways to add a logo:


Meaning the logo is on a web server somewhere, and only a reference to the image is added to the e-mail.
Pro: Easier to use. Messages are smaller, because the image data itself is not contained in the message.
Con: Some e-mail programs might not show the images by default: The recipient will then have to choose: "show images in messages below" or a similar option in their e-mail program.


Where the picture itself is contained in the message.
Pro: Will be displayed right away, as the image is sent along with the message.
Con: More difficult to set up. The message size is will be larger, because of the image data in the attachment.



Place the image

The image companylogo.gif must be available on the internet. To add the image at "" follow these steps:

  • Use an FTP client

  • Contact the server at
    - Username and password have been provided to the contact when the application was first delivered. If this information has been lost the contact can request this information with an email to our support team.

  • Open the folder httpdocs/images/
    Note that when using FTP, the httpdocs should be mentioned.
    The template itself works through HTTP, which uses the httpdocs implicitly.

  • Place your image companylogo.gif

  • Make sure this image is visible by entering this address in the address bar of your browser:


Images can also be inserted inline, meaning that the image data is sent along with the message.

For the default Carerix footer, use these steps:

  • Go to "Management" - "Offices" - "All offices"

  • Open your main office

  • Go to tab "Attachments"

  • Now upload the logo and give it the description "EmailLogo" and the type "EmailLogo". The logo should then be visible in the footer.

Inline images are added with the CxScript attachment tag. You can use this piece of CxScript in the emailFooter. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the image is available at all agencies with a description of your choice (only letters, no spaces or other characters, e.g. companylogo).

  • Add the following CXScript to the emailFooter or in the e-mail template itself
    <cx:attachment content="$[Definition].content" cid="[description]"/><img src="cid:[description]">
    Using companylogo as [description] makes:
    <cx:attachment content="$" cid="[description]"/><img src="cid:companylogo">

  • At the place of the <img> tag, the image is inserted.

  • For other images do the same. Make sure that the definitions are unique, so for each image use a different description.


Keywords: UD-1182

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