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Create a link between two Companies
Create a link between two Companies

How can you link several company files to eachother?

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In Carerix it is possible to become a subsidiary company, this relationship between multiple companies can be established in Carerix. The holding company will be showed between paratheses behind the name of the subsidiary company.


  1. Click 'Files' | 'Companies'

  2. Find and open the right Company

  3. Click on the button [Link

  4. An pop-up named Link Company will appear

  5. Select the option Link Company as subsidiary to another company

  6. Click the button [Next]

  7. Select the right Company

  8. Click the button [Finish]

  9. Click the button [Save]

When clicking on a specific Company and select the "General" tab.
Then you will see a field containing "Relationship with other companies"
Subsidiary of ...

You can easily switch between the holding company and the subsidiary by clicking the name of the holding company. This can be found in the panel "Relationships with other companies".


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