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Keep track of which contacts want to be part of a mailing

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In Carerix you can send mailings to your contacts in Carerix. Now you want to keep track of which contacts want to be part of a mailing.

Membership of groups

If a contact can receive mailings, is determined by groups. 

Group "Can receive mailings"
You keep track of which contacts can be mailed. Only contacts that are a member of this group can receive the mailings.

Group "Can't receive mailings"
You keep track of which contacts can't be mailed. These persons are excluded from every mailing.


At the definition of a group in Carerix you can set that the members can't be mailed. To do this, you use the "NoMailingsTag". Carerix will skip these members when sending a mailing.

Use this method to make a group with the NoMailingsTag:

  1. Log in (as Administrator)

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  3. Choose table: "Group contact", [Filter]

  4. Click [New]

  5. Fill in the following fields:
    - Table: Group contact
    - Settings: [x]active [_]default [_]not for web
    - Index: don't change the preset index
    - The language field: 'Don't mail' <- the name of the group.
    - Group class: NoMailingsTag

  6. Click [Finish]

Log out and in to see the group 'Don't mail'

Automatically (un)subscribe for a group

It is also possible for a contact to (un)subscribe by e-mail. The template for this e-mail will contain special constructed links.

Result pages

When the contact clicks on one of the links, he will get on a page that is defined in Carerix itself. You can find these settings at 'Maintenance' | 'Settings' | 'Template parts'. 

  • activateSubscriptionDoneMessage: message when subscription is done

  • activateSubscriptionFailedMessage: message when subscription is failed

  • removeSubscriptionDoneMessage: message when the contact has unsubscribed succesfully

  • removeSubscriptionFailedMessage: message when the unsubscription has failed.

Every message is a piece of HTML code, so you can use style codes.

You can also redirect a contact to a webpage. Use the following steps:

  1. Ask your webbuilder to create a page with the message "subscription is done". Your webbuilder will deliver a URL, for example: ""

  2. Check if this URL gives the desired message

  3. Fill this code in at activateSubscriptionDoneMessage:

<cx:header name="Refresh" value="0; URL="/

This is the same for every other message.

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