Change your login credentials

Carerix is delivered with one user.
The name of this user is 'Admin'. This user has Administrator rights.
You need to change these login credentials immediately. 

  • Go to your application:

  • Login with the provided username and password

  • Click 'My account' in the top right corner.

  • Change Username and/or Password

  • Fill out the following fields:

    • Surname, First name etc.

    • E-mail business

    • Website

    • Social media links

    • Function

  • Click [Save] to save all the information

  • Click [Cancel] to cancel all the changes and get back to the main page.


  • The username is also your e-mail name, keep that in mind when choosing it. When your username is John, the e-mail address will look like this: ""

  • Fill out the information in your profile correctly and completely, because it will be used in your email signature.

  • A new password needs to meet the following criteria:

    • At least 12 characters

    • At least 1 capital letter

    • At least 1 lower case letter

    • At least 1 number

Keywords: UD-408

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